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Hi All!  Welcome to the Voice Academy Malta Blog page.  Add any  comments you feel like and join our blog group!!  Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. I have been training vocally with Ivan for approximately three years. He has helped me to improve my voice in every way possible. He is by far the best and I'm very glad to be part of the Voice Academy. Thank you very much !

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  2. warren bonello

    Hey guys...been meaning to write something over here for about 2 years but I always get caught up and forget about it ... I've know Ivan for ages now and I must say without out him I wouldn't have found my voice! He has helped me come a long way and with his help I managed to get my 3 year scholarship at bodywork in Cambridge ...I've always come back to Ivan for help and always will! So...thanks Ivan, you're great!

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  3. simarija galea

    Hi all!! I've been training with Ivan for some time now. He's a really dedicated teacher who works really hard for his students in order to achieve the best quality in one's voice. I've never imagined myself singing musical theatre. He realised that my voice could be an ideal voice for this genre and today I am able to sing songs from Broadway musicals together with popular music. I would like to say a huge thanks to Ivan De Gabriele .. You're the best!

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  4. Nicole Vella

    I've been attending lessons with Ivan Degabriele since the Voice Academy first opened around 5 years ago and I do not regret it one bit. Ivan is very passionate about singing and has great ambitions for all his students, he will also do his very best for these ambitions to be met. I must say that I never thought that I would have an exceptional voice, I just enjoyed singing and decided to take it up as a hobby. Through Ivan's tuition and guidance I have surpassed all my expectations when it comes to singing and would definitely recommend him to everyone, even those who think they cannot sing because somehow he will work hard with them to get them to the point where they want to be and he will push you to get to that point even if you give up!! Thanks for all the support :)

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  5. Tezara Camilleri

    Hi all! I am currently a student under the tuition of Ivan De Gabriele. I've been training vocally with him for some time now and I could say that the difference in my voice is out of this world. My voice is rounder, cleaner and I finally learnt how to give expression as I sing, which was something I strongly lacked. Since I don't have the typical classical voice, I always limited myself to certain songs I could sing but thanks to Ivan I'm singing songs from the best of musicals which I never thought I could even sing! Ivan is an extremely dedicated teacher who tries his best to give his utmost to his students. He's guided me numerous times into choosing the right songs and schools which shows how seriously he takes his teaching. I strongly recommend Ivan De Gabriele to anyone who is thinking about taking vocal training seriously. :)

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  6. Just to say a great thank you to Ivan as my daughter has been attending lessons for the past two years. She was only 6 years. I think that she's the youngest one :) Nicole already won several festivals with the help of this tutor. Very nice person especially with kids. Nicole really looks forward for her lessons. Great job Ivan and keep up the good job. By the way good luck Tezara!!!!

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  7. Therese

    I have had singing lessons with Ivan and I can say he is an absolutely great teacher who knows what he's doing. Ivan has been trained well and he passes this on to us. He has helped me not only on using my voice properly but helped me build confidence! I would barely open my mouth in my first weeks there, I was so shy!!Now i'm in London at a Vocal School and I sure miss my singing lessons with Ivan! It was the Voice Academy Malta that made me realise my love for singing. It's a guarantee that you'll learn to sing the right way!Thanks Ivan!

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  8. Sarah

    It's only been two singing lessons for me, but I can truly see that I have seen a remarkable change in my voice and breathing techniques. When I sing, I can already hear a significant difference in my voice. Big thanks goes to Mr. Ivan who is a great tutor and knows this field very well...thank you!!

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  9. I had been wanting to train my voice since I was young. I experienced lessons with various renowned teachers but no improvement could be attained since no proper direction was given. I can proudly say that Mr Ivan has been my vocal coach for five years under whom my voice improved considerably. On taking this training one is not confined to singing one particular style but with a firm basis one can emerge into his/her own style using the proper techniques. As a matter of fact, I am currently the vocalist of an indie band Bletchley Park and although it demands a different style, I still apply what I have learnt. I strongly encourage anyone who has ever wanted to sing to join The Voice Academy. This is not just an extra-curricular activity, but in my opinion a life changing experience :)

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  10. Jeanette

    HIIIII!!!! I would just like to say Ivan is THE BEST!!! I think i've been his student almost a year now .. and I've made a lot of progress ^^ thanks for everything sir ..

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  11. Francesca

    I have been a student of Ivan's for a couple of years, and I can definately say he helped me a lot. His ongoing enthusiasm always helps to bring a bit more out of me, beyond the vocal limits I thought I could reach.

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  12. Daniela

    Hi! This is my second semester at The Voice Academy. I attend a group class and I enjoy the lessons a real lot! Mr. DeGabriele is a brilliant and very professional teacher and he is very very patient too. My voice has improved big deal since I've started! Nevertheless I am aware that I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go to fulfil my dream (and become a well known singer). But most of all Mr. DeGabriele's lessons have also taught me how to express myself better which led to me being a more confident person. Therefore thank you Mr. DeGabriele and for those who love singing.. You're never too old and it's never too late :))

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  13. Svetlana

    Hello!! I am a student at the Voice Academy. I have been going since last July. It's so great! I love it! My voice improved a lot. It's never a boring lesson, it's always fun. I just like to Thank Mr. Ivan De Gabriele for helping me. =]

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  14. Roberta

    Hello everyone, I am a student at The Voice Academy. This is my third term now and by the help of Mr.Degabriele my voice has really improved from my first lesson. I have entered the voice academy as a challenge with myself. As time passes by I'm really enjoying it more and more. Improving your voice and learning various voice techniques is very interesting. Altough I have never sung in front of anyone, being a little bit shy, taking classes in a group really improved my self-esteem. If anyone wants to take a chance whilst having some fun, it is never too late.

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