Services Offered By The Voice Academy Malta

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The Voice Academy is a singing school.  We help individuals to improve their voice in a professional way.  Importance is always given to all forms of vocal techniques and vocal methods.  Our aim is to see all our students succeed and find their way on the performing stage. .
The Voice Academy Malta
  Vocal One to One Sessions 
The Voice Academy Malta offers individual sessions on a one to one basis.  Coaching takes place once a week.  The student receives an hour of professional tution which covers all areas of vocal knowledge and exercises necessary for professional singing.  The lessons normally end up with a number of songs ranging from musicals to pop songs which obviously can help the student understand the proper way of performing.
During the one hour session the student works on:
  • breathing exercises
  • vocal exercises
  • learning vocal techniques
  • learning how to apply the voice
  • learning vocal colours and textures
  • use of drama in singing
  • improving diction and voice projection
  • working on performing of songs
  • working on solo repertoires
  • useful tips and help for recording CDs